30 / 17 = too little

Killer nurse given 17 life terms

Benjamin Geen was told he would serve at least 30 years for the offences

17 life terms. 30 years.
Can someone explain that to me? Why can’t the UK get away from this concurrent punishment nonsense? It becomes “He’s done the crimes – and paid for one”. Consecutive terms is what we need. And things like ‘Life = 20 years’ as an absolute rock-bottom cannot be moved no matter how good you are sentence. Then 17 * life = 340 years. Yep – makes more sense to me.
It’s long gone past the ‘rehabilitation’ remit. It’s not even a pretence now is it? It’s retribution, punishment, “can’t handle the responsibilities of society then we will remove your right to participate” and anything else you want to throw in that doesn’t involve the ‘he came from a poor family, parents broke up’ type of garbage.

Quiz: name one trial mentioned in the media after which the guilty party does not appeal. That too is a nonsense.

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