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There’s one person who when I open an email from him I might agree to the “Sender wants to be notified” – and that’s Dino. No-one else gets it. I refuse every time. I refuse to have my response time measured. And many people don’t seem to be bothered about their own response time – so why should I? I have no idea if this option is default in Outlook Express/Outlook but it’s not in Thunderbird. In fact it can’t be because otherwise I’d get more. Why do people do this when a single click from me stops it? You will get an answer when I’m good and ready. Or when I remember.

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5 thoughts on “Email Receipts

  1. Outlook is what I use and it’s not set by default. I set it as on as I find it a very useful way of checking that my email has been received. I find this particularly useful with work emails (I use Outlook with work and personal accounts) especially when someone at work claims they haven’t received my email 🙂

    I use delivery reports on my mobile phone for the same reason.

    I’m honoured that you deem me worthy of a click though 😀

    By the way I have my own machine set to ask if I want to send a read-reply. Sometimes I don’t want people to know I’ve read the email until I want them to know…..usually work related again 😉

  2. I rarely click to confirm a receipt. It’s an annoyance. That’s the only reason I send them – usually a second email, when I think I’m being ignored by the recipient. On those occasions I also ask for a delivery receipt from the server.

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