Have we met?

I realised earlier that on Saturday when I meet Georgina, Alistair, Claire (with Richard) and Caitlin (look people – all proper Sunday names!) that even though I’ve met everyone before, none of you have met me. You’ve met the “I live for alcohol” me. You’ve met the “I’m going mad” me, the “Sure, give me a hand piercing!” me but you’ve not met the “Needles hurt!” me. That’s at least 3 me’s for the price of 1 person. Not bad eh?
I think I last met AJ in Bristol? Caitlin / Bri – Birmingham? Claire / Richard – London? (I have memories of a pub down a street on the right, lots of people inc Neil, Charlotte, Fluffy (a very drunk Fluffy!) .. was that London?) I tried looking on the UPB site for pointers to aid my memory but it seems pre-sanity it’s fairly shot to hell. A trawl of the ng would have found stuff but the bodyart groups are not used or perused at all – even for a thing like this.
So … we’ve all met, I’ve forgotten lots, you haven’t met me. Should be fun 🙂

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