Peanut Smuggling

I’m not that fit and I’m not too overweight. I don’t look too bad in a Tshirt either. Not great, but not bad. Red isn’t quite my colour though which is why I’ll not be purchasing or wearing an England World Cup top / tshirt. Another reason will be that I do not play football. (I’ve also never been to a match either). And lastly, final reason I will not be buying one is that I do not believe wearing such a Tshirt either makes me – or makes me look – any fitter. Unfortunately, there were many very overweight blokes who even if they sucked their stomachs in would still have enough overlap to cover their crotch who obviously do think a Tshirt has some magical powers.

Ladies – it’s only May, you have time to make amends. Tops with thin straps and then skanky bra straps? No. Please. And if we DO have to see any part of them, grey is just so not you. Okay?

And no, there was none of that going on either.

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