Crystal Maze

One link lead to another and at the end of the chain was the BBC page documenting The Crystal Maze. I’m fairly sure this image is from the later Tudor-Pole series but I didn’t mind either – I really enjoyed the whole lot and I wish someone would bring something similar back. But then could they ? It’s one of those “could it be as good” things. Like Creme Eggs being smaller these days, and Wagon Wheels not being as chunky, and sweets not being sold in a ‘quarter’ (I could go on a huge roll about this “When I was younger” stuff – I shall try hard to resist). So yes, while it would be nice and I’d love it to come back I’m equally sure I’d probably criticise it. I suppose some things are best left where they were.
There was something quite satisfying about that game though. When you saw who was nominated for a room and just knew they would screw it up. Or when the host said “They cannot hear you” but the people outside still yelled directions. And the very few times when the team actually did win the big prizes you knew they really had worked for it. Good program. Bring it back.

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  1. The Ocean zone turned up very late in O’Briens rein, but it was there. I can’t quite remember what it used to be though.

    It used to be filmed near me at the North Weald Airfield in one of the hangers there. Aparently there are still some of the sets stored somewhere there.

  2. Crystal Maze is and always will be brilliant! There will never ever be anything else half as good as it (no matter how hard the people of Fort Boyard try).
    The zone that Ocean replaced was Industrial. An excellent replacement don’t you think?? I think most people prefer Ocean to Industrial, although they do think of Ed Tudor-Pole when talking about Ocean when Richrad O’Brien did spend his last year with Ocean in the maze.

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