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Had cause to use GMail for real earlier – you might have seen why had you tried to visit – and while there saw the Google Talk box with the list of contacts. I’d not seen it before and what drew my attention was a name I didn’t recognise. So I clicked to ‘Show All’. I was amazed at all these people who could/would/have popped up when I’m using IM. Being the naive soul I am I had not realised that everyone I communicate with is auto added. I know it doesn’t matter hugely but I really did not know. I don’t like that. So I started to set people to ‘Never’. I thought GMail and it’s ‘cool’ was partly to do with their use of AJAX. Well here’s a thing – scroll down a screen and a bit. Set someone to ‘Never’ and watch the AJAX kick in which send you sailing back to the top of the screen. Clevur. And the checkbox use is not entirely clear either. Lots of ticks later and I have blocked people.
Among those are abuse@ addresses, spammers whose mail got through, people who I once installed WP for and they promised me a book and never delivered, people who I really can’t remember, email addresses for various backups (not that they will start talking – I’m not that daft) and some people who I just really do not want to talk to. I hadn’t realised I’d sent emails to Mr Meyer and Mr Scoble either – so I blocked them. Like they’ll ever want to talk to me eh ? 🙂 (“Yeah, I’m a busy guy, can’t have that Scoble bloke on at me again“). Weird though that they auto add. Just because I email someone doesn’t mean I want to talk to them. IM gets a lot less scary when you block lots of people.

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