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The goofball above left a very long rant about someone called ‘HEWITT’ (note, not ‘Hewitt’) some time ago. It was very long and all in capitals. I really dislike people who overuse their capslock key to the point it breaks. I deleted it. He posted something along the lines of “I wrote it bring it back” so I deleted that too. Then another. Now the above – which has also been deleted.

Mr TEBB (if indeed this is your name)
Just because there is the ability for you to leave comments does not impose on me any obligation to display your ranting garbage. You may say what you want, you may believe what you want – but do not expect me to allow you to use this space as a platform for your paranoia. I do not believe any blogger would permit your shouting to stay on their blog and I am no different. I would suggest that you get your own blog but somehow I don’t feel you want your conspiracy theories to be left in a single blog do you? You want to wander round blogs scattering your maniacal meanderings and pointless drivel in the vain hope that someone may read it and join you on this ‘castles in the air’ crusade. Get a grip you drooling fool – we don’t want you to do this – I bet you have it all written in Word or something (scrub that, it’ll be Notepad eh?) so you can copy and paste (you can do that?). What would the term for that be? Rant’n’Run? or RANTNRUN? Why is it that you and fellow mouth-foamers cannot see that the way to persuade us is by discussion, by presenting facts, arguing carefully and by being open to the opinions of others instead of your drive-by (surf-by?) (click-by?) capital assaults? Are you incapable of learning? Is your forehead so low you have nothing to scratch as you try to master the intricacies of basic communication? How are the scabs on the knuckles anyway? I would email you this response but I’m not sure I could type slowly enough. – your presence here is unwelcome. Anything and everything you write will be deleted. Off you go now…..
(and the HEWITT in question? I haven’t a clue)

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