3 Notes

1. I must never mess with MirandaIM and ‘latest builds’. Bad idea. It now works smoothly as official.

2. Cocomment. Seemed like a good idea. Isn’t. And for being so ‘Web2.0’ their delete option is .. well.. crap really.

3. Write an article on Newsvine. Then refuse to debate anything because YOU ARE RIGHT AND EVERY OTHER MOFO IS WRONG. That’s par for course from where I sit.

3 thoughts on “3 Notes

  1. 1. Nightly builds are supposed to break, that’s what they are for!

    2. Awful, never worked with a single blog I tried it on. Plus, I’m so fearful of comments I make I keep a good eye on the threads myself.

    3. I’m sure Newsvine is great, I managed to get in on the Beta but what the hell does it offer me? I’d rather skim the BBC and Guardian.

  2. I grabbed the nightly because it promises tabbed chatting. I had to grab this because it seems plugin devs dev against bleeding edge and I wanted old stuff but could not find it. Their forums being down did not help.
    Eventually a trawl found me Scriver for 403 which does the job. Why tabbed is not native is beyond me.

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