Sending bills

A couple of years ago, Direct Line sold a debt of ours to another company. That company harrassed us for payment. That company then resold that debt to another company who started sending increasingly nasty letters and who were downright rude on the phone. They then, a couple of days ago, sent us a letter from a firm of solicitors insisting we paid and paid NOW. This would not be so bad – except Direct Line were owed nothing at the time they sold it on. They knew this. They had had the paperwork. Legally we owed them nothing at all. But they still sold it on. Because of that decision, and their refusal to accept it we have had letter after letter and a lot of hassle. So today – right now – J is typing a letter. It will go to everyone in the chain. It will have the original proof. It will have copies of all the paperwork that Direct Line. And it will have a bill . A bill for J’s time for sorting this out, for phone costs, for hassle and to try and even this crap out. It really is in their best interests to treat that seriously – J will not let go. Not of this.

3 thoughts on “Sending bills

  1. “J will not let go. Not of this.”

    Good for her. If she should ever crave a break, though, I think it would be great if you guys sold (or lent, passed along, whatever) their debt to a third (sixth?) party – let them badger the asshats for a while. I suspect you’ve got a good number of friends who’d be up for taking a swing at it:)

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