My feed broke for some reason so rather than try and find out why, I updated to whatever is in svn right now. I wait for an error log as something unexpected breaks…

One function in the sidebar seems to have changed. I did use:
<ul><?php wp_get_links(1); ?></ul>
but this new code doesn’t seem to put the <li> </li> around the output. Changing to this function:
<?php get_linksbyname(‘Here’, ‘<li>’, ‘</li>’, ”, FALSE, ‘name’, FALSE, FALSE, 12, FALSE); ?>
does the trick.

Also, as noted before, when using RunPHP saving a function such as
<?php get_recent_comments(); ?>
results in the < > being broken so breaking the output with the solution being to not use the editor when needing to use that code. It’s been noted before though.

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