Themes and more themes

If you are content with your theme you may have missed the fact that Shadow has done a heap more work over at the Theme Viewer. There are now almost 500 themes there to be perused – and if you can spare some time a week (not heaps of time, just some) he could do with some help. There are so many themes coming in and it’s a lot of work – especially when once a theme has been checked and displayed someone else comes along and takes that work for display elsewhere. The Theme Viewer has no ads. The Theme Viewer has no link juice to take or give. The Theme Viewer was developed by 3 people and then maintained by the one for a single purpose – to let WordPress users see themes in a place that was free of ads and other cynical marketing ploys. There is no exploitation going on, no agendas. It makes no money for Shadow or anyone else. But it IS a lot of work and the Theme Viewer could do with some help. After all, wouldn’t people be annoyed if WordPress was for free and yet do much of the extras were surrounded by ads? It’s okay for plugins because they are the work of one person. It’s okay for guides as they are the work of one person and it’s okay for theme authors IF what they offer is their own work. But for other stuff? For the collected work of many …… So here’s the post and any help you can give would be hugely appreciated.

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