I thought of you today

Half-term completes tonight so tomorrow normality returns to the domestic routines. It’s nice having them around. Especially as it marches closer to D leaving home. Might sound a daft thing to say but she’s 16 in a couple of months. 16 ! It’s scary just how much time has passed when I look back on it. Half-term has been very easy though. 2 girls + 2 NDS + 2 Animal Crossing = much peace 🙂

Gradius. PSP. Drool

Title? Cryptic and staying that way. But I’m sure you know who you are.

Neil has been told when we are going away in August, so as he can’t work on me for a minimum number of days before that I’m hoping he’ll squash some time in to complete some more on my arm. He mentioned it yesterday which is cool – and he promised me much brighter colours too now the base inks are in. And in bodyart mode I removed the two bars through my right nipple. They’d been itching on and off for a few days but then they exploded with itchiness, really dry skin and one side of the horizontal looked slightly offline. Rather than itching + migration I removed them. I’m now trying to convince the nipple that it does not need to stick out like a porn star’s after it’s been rubbed with ice cubes.

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