Ecto gone

You might like it, maybe you should even try it. I did and the Windows version is not good for me.

Thing I like:
– One click gives me access to 3 blogs

Things I do not
– it’s ugly
– I do not want to see a list and preview of older posts
– I do not want a new ecto window for a post
– I will decide where my images go, not WP, not ecto. Me.
– it’s cluttered and I am unable to make it like I would like.

So it’s gone. Uninstalled. It may only have been around &pound11 but for something that was irritating me that’s too much. IF I were on the move, IF I used multiple computers, IF I had a Mac and it looked better then maybe I would consider it. So right now I don’t have one that does what I would like which is an annoyance because I really would like one. Damn.

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