Scabby knuckles

There was one I noticed on the way into Asda to do the weekly shop and like when you buy something new you tend to suddenly see everyone wearing / driving the same I spotted lots of them as I shopped. Why can’t some people stand up straight?
I don’t mean the elderly, I don’t mean the very young who are not so much walking as ‘not falling over’ – I mean loads of people from teenagers to ‘men in suits’. Some were slouching, some – mostly the teenagers – were swaggering so their spine stayed in the vertical for hardly any time but there were many who looked like their genetics had not moved forward for thousands of years. Had they possessed jutting eyebrows it would not have surprised me. I felt like I’d stepped into a Lowry painting. There was one woman (girl) with a kid in tow (probably called Britneeeee) who was ‘stood’ in front of me at one point. She pushed the kid, pushed the trolley and reached for items but her back position remained the same. How can this be apart from some malformation caused by undeveloped genetics? I’m glad I didn’t need any plasters – I suspect they would have sold out today.

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