Shaking moistly

Reluctantly went to the gym. Didn’t feel like it at all but I need to build the habit. Did 30 mins on the rower (5600m) really easily – I think I need to up from level 4 / go longer – then some weights but my left arm was strangely weak. No pain, no sensations just no ‘pull’ after a few reps. X-trainer I got fed up after 15 minutes (Hill, level 10). It was bucketing down with rain so pointless having a shower – I grabbed my bag, baseball cap on head and after only a momentary pause at the door headed out into the rain. Not drizzle, not ‘a bit wet’ but full-on rain. I can’t believe I did it but I dried the seat before I got on. WHY? It’s not like I’m going to feel a whole lot better when I get home and the one dry patch is next to my ass is it? I’d love to know if the mudguard on the bike worked but as water hit me from every possible angle I have no clue. Got back drenched. Had shower. And now I feel like craponastick. I’ve eaten. I’ve had water, I’ve done nothing stupid – but I’m shaking and I feel really odd. Weird.

And I’m a few minutes into the rowing with the Zen on Random All play. The second track in was fantastic. I have NO idea who it was but it was really cool – I didn’t know it was there. The very next track was complete garbage – I have NO idea who that was either. Sometimes a little disorganisation in the right places makes for little ‘surprises’ I guess. (I wonder how I can sell that idea to the wife…)

2 thoughts on “Shaking moistly

  1. Are you happy with your zen? I have been looking at buying an mp3 player for months but can’t decide on what to get. I don’t want to get an apple and don’t want to deal with the sony software.

    Can you put data files (non-music) on the zen easily. I would like to use it as a transfer device as well.

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