Placenta – Good for your teeth!

Cruise loses the plot. AGAIN

“Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

At what point does the diminutive idiot get too mad even for the Scientologists? (Answer: when he has no more money to fund their ego-trips)

It’s not the eating of the placenta – though apparently it would be better cooked – it’s the fact he’s boasting of doing it right there. What’s he going to do? Chomp through the cord himself? And has he any idea just how much there is? It’s not insubstantial – maybe he’s after a ‘Cool Hand Tom’ label.. Does he even care what his other half thinks? But then she’s now a Stepford Wife, frigging lunatic Scientologist so she’ll do what she is told by The Cult won’t she.

Tom Cruise – Saving the world with every bloody grin.

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