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I think I’ve got rid of the redundant css. If you see any, do let me know 🙂

A thought: why don’t theme authors produce one theme with all the changeable bits in one easy place and have other options there too? Example:
I have now this css you can see. The font-family, sizes, colours are spread through the css. Let’s say I had all that information in one commented area called /* Essentials */ Now, let’s say I had another ‘look’ that used exactly the same framework but had a different font-family, different size, colours etc. If that was in a commented /* Essentials option 2 */ section, all someone need do is change the commenting and bingo – new look. If you put the image locations there then again you could change the look without changing the structure. It would actually be many themes in one (like those humungous pens with many colours). Does that make sense? You aren’t making multi-themes as much as one theme with lots of outfits. That sound good? Worth doing? (not me – you 🙂 ) And how about if all theme authors were asked to do that ….

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3 thoughts on “A theme thought

  1. Golden idea. I’ve often downloaded themes which were nice, but when I started to dig into the CSS, realized what a true mess the entire thing really was. Now, I do agree that for really “power users” having the same CSS class in multiple places in the stylesheet can be a pain as well, but for beginner-to-intermediate folks (myself included) having 10-15 lines near the top for basic colors and images would be quite the treat.

    Or… if all theme authors would actually comment at all, that would be a good start.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I think the recent work of Ozh is exactly what your describing. It’s called Themetoolkit.php, and your one of the very people who could do some seriously cool stuff with it.

    You can find it here;


    A very practical and clean theme utilizing this was created by a guy named Shamsul, and can be found here;


    I just this week implemented both for myself on my site. It only works with WordPress v2.0+, so I was finally inspired to upgrade to WP2.02.

    Hope this helps;Cheers,


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