Worms and parenting

BBC Link.

An international group of scientists has described an animal that provides nutrition for its young by letting them peel off and eat its skin.

Okay …. interesting in a “it’s 1am and I’m still awake” sort of mode. Reads the article and gets woken by a few words:

……….might shed light on other feeding relationships between mother and child.
……….so studying how this form of parenting evolved might shed light on how parenting developed in mammals.”

What IS the damn point? Seriously? I can just about bring myself to understand why they might have gone to find this. I can understand they are excited because it’s all new and undiscovered, but then trying to draw parallels is just taking it too damn far. What would be the POINT? It’s not like they can change anything is it? And apart from the guys themselves WHO CARES? No-one – that’s who. ffs. They’ll be linking this to breastfeeding next.

Iran is about to be nuked by the lunatic in charge of the USA and ….. worms. Gah.

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