Changing the theme

Theme… that’s a bit good for a kludge of css. This is not the one I was working on – that is still inside Xampp. I realised though that I was actually quite attached to the last layout … a bit like that pair of trainers which are well past their usefulness but you can’t quite throw them into the bin … so this is a stopgap. It might be more stop than gap. Who knows….

Anyway, recent comments / posts are now on a page of their own to tidy the sidebar. That negates their usefulness apparently but if I’d got rid I’d have wanted them back. I had 2 About pages – I now have one. A couple of pages that were outside WP have been brought into WP. Others may or may not follow. The sidebar has been tidied, links checked and several removed (I have many vacancies….) and the whole thing is now much wider. 900px from 772px. That means the text size is off probably so I need to play there. And I really do need to sort out the css – it’s horrendous. Truly bad. Really. I hate the navbar css.

So.. it all looks new. And you know what? I don’t think it’s that bad either 🙂

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