Watching sparks

One of the walks I take Winston on – usually the late one – means we go under the M1 then up to a large roundabout which covers 2 double lane roads – it also feeds into and off the motorway. It’s fairly large and on a Sunday fairly quiet. Just after crossing the pathway – literally – two motorbikes roared on to the road. Large bikes, riders wearing full leathers. Winston was slightly spooked due to the noise so we wandered down the walk so he could ramble safely and I could watch.

They used the roundabout as a racetrack. Several laps racing, then following each other, then racing. One guy had steel knee protectors and seemed determined to try to get a whole lap of sparks. Idiot. I know they didn’t harm anyone, I know the road was empty and I know that they would argue they knew what they were doing. I also know they were a pair of twats. If they’d done that in cars…….

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