Ping? Pay.

While doing something completely different, I came across the Pingoat blog and what is an important announcement. I ping pingoat and have done for months. Quick and it does whatever it says on it’s tin (apparently – I don’t following ping trends if there are any just like I don’t tag) but according to the above, they are going to charge. The figure given in the comments (the comment is easy to find – it’s a few above the massive spamfest) is $1 for 1-2 pings/day. It does state that ‘from the site’ pings are free – but who does that? So they obviously feel – rightly or wrongly – that pings = $$$$. That’s okay, market economy and all that, but it looks like the hunt for free pings will start.
Things is with these pings though, isn’t it something generated by someone that everyone wants but no-one really knows why or if it’s any good? There’s a lady whose blog I get called to mend every so often. Her update list must have 30 lines in it. At least. WHY? Because everyone else does? because everyone says this ping juju is powerful stuff which = adclicks? What IS the point of pings? I’ll admit I left mine there pretty much because it came with the package and only changed it when things started to slow – but the pinging and whatever happens after that is something I have never concerned myself with. So why do people seem to get so weird on it – which they must do if a ping service is going to charge? Surely if everyone pings so much then the noise hides all? (I include me in there too). There’s a strong element of spam links isn’t there? Write-publish-ping-spambot. Seen that lots of times.

Given that we have the search engines and given that most of us do not write anything even remotely important .. why ping?
(Cue someone saying they love to search blogs and only blogs….)

3 thoughts on “Ping? Pay.

  1. What’s funny is how ignorant people are about how pings work. 75% of the lists people publish of “places to ping” that others blindly copy and paste into their blogs are down or refusing pings. A lot of people who used to accept pings have stopped because of the huge amount of spam.

    Ping-O-Matic is doing 20-30 million pings per day now. If I had a penny…

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