How to buy shoes

Enter shop
Walk directly to “Men size 11” section
See shoes
Try one on
Took all of …. hmm…5 minutes?

The trainers I’d been wearing to the gym were ancient and had seen much better days, hence the expedition to buy “non-shiny stuff”. I debated buying some white/light grey trainers but they not only make me feet look huge but they look new too. Can’t be doing with looking ‘box fresh’ in the gym. Brings back memories of the first day back at school after the holidays and the new pens, new jacket, new shirt, new hopes…….. so I can’t be doing with looking so sparkly. Maybe I should join the dull men’s club 🙂 I bought some hi-tec ‘adventure travel’ despite me planning on having no adventures and no extra travel (though J has planned something on that front). They’ll do for the gym though.

And I think my girls must be close to getting pressure sores. I blame Nintendo 🙂

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