The BBC continues to turn US

BBC news is carrying a story that Iran has produced enriched uranium. It’s also carrying the words of the US who say this is “worrying” and “defiant”. Crap – anyone who has read the news long enough knows that GWB fully intends to invade or try to destroy Iran and that this nuclear item is just icing on the hawk’s cake – icing probably provided years ago by the damn hawks.

To get back to the post … check that image. The BBC likes to use images in posts to help people understand the issues being discussed. Look at that image. See it? BOMB it says. And just in case you missed it, it says BOMB underneath where it first says BOMB. Did the Iranians say they were making a bomb? No. Did the Iranians say they wanted it for other purposes? Yes. Where do the BBC mention this? In the small words right at the bottom of that graphic – but it you click the link under that to learn more guess what, it’s another BOMB.

Instead of this being a “OMFG they’ve got a BOMB!” from the US, the story should be focussed on the actual fact and then mention the US position (“George was delighted to learn that…”)

So the BBC – the impartial BBC that is – are being told one thing by the Iranians, being told The Truth by the US and we get fed the result. Seeing as they are pronouncing the verdict before the hearing – and are in danger of creating a situation which would not otherwise exist (“Yes Gordon, we are sure they have the weapons. Should we tell the public before we send the soldiers?”) then maybe they should also announce anything else that the US feels should be “the way they see it”. How positively reassuring.

6 thoughts on “The BBC continues to turn US

  1. Am I worried about Iran enriching uranium? No. You can’t stop technical progress. Their president seems like a bit of a nutter but that could be said for others as well. Sometimes there is a lot of bluster. It’s hard diplomacy.

    I am very worried though. Why? Because I truly believe that Bush is crazy enough to use tactical nuclear weapons to combat some perceived threat. With the Cuban Missle Crisis and then later Reagan with his shaky finger on the button, at least you had the thought in the back of your mind that military action is the last resort. That the leaders involved would try everything else instead of that.

    Bush has already proven that he isn’t bothered about that.

    That’s scary.

    And I also think there are enough religious loons in the American heartland to support anything their President tells them. They’ve done it before.

    I am very worried actually that this is going to go further than it should because of the people involved.

  2. GWB may want to invade Iran, but there’s no way he can do it—his support is at an all time low. We just had a special election in San Diego to replace the corrupt Congressman Duke Cunningham, and it was very interesting to see how only one of the Republican candidates published photos of himself with Bush. Everybody else is distancing themselves from the guy. He’s political poison right now.

    Disclaimer: I’m an independent. My vote can swing either way, depending on the issue.

  3. I think GWB’s support could arguably be used as a reason by him.
    From what I read, the US economy is a disaster area and the US has many many problems added to that. I could be wrong on that but it’s what I’ve read. So GWB and the govt do not want the US citizens to face that or even realise it as that jeopardises them. So they need to distract their people – and the best way to do that is to make a bigger noise elsewhere. Such an attack would be Shock and Awe around the globe and would allow GWB to further restrict the rights of the people so he can hold on to power – right now everything must be starting to un-entangle surely?

    I’m with Gary – I do believe that GWB will use the power he controls for bad, not good. Iran, Israel, Europe – we are all remote. Little impact on the US. If he thinks like that – it’s a certainty.

    Maybe the Koreans should step in and side with Iran…….

  4. I think GWB would like to write himself a place in history. I think Mark is right about distracting the electorate. It’s not for re-election of course – it’s just to give himself a better image in history (in his mind). He believes he’s fighting on the side of right. He didn’t like Hussain and thought him a threat, he doesn’t like Ahmadinejad and he certainly thinks he’s a threat. Diplomacy is not the administrations greatest strength (to put it mildly) and they will act if they feel threatened enough. The military leaders will be telling GWB that they don’t have the resources to invade – that’s not an option, that Iran will be a much harder enemy that Iraq ever could be, that the military is too stretched, and that airstrikes would be ineffective because of the dispersal of the sites and the fact they are buried deep.

    His only military strike option is tactical nuclear weapons and I truly believe he’s capable of using them … even if it’s alone because there’s surely nobody that would stand with the US on that. Not even the Brits.

    I personally think we’re closer to the actually deployment of a nuclear weapon than we’ve been in forty years. I believe the option is very much on the table.

    That thought, and the man who is making the decision, scares the shite out of me.

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