I blame Moyles

Took The best of Moyles to the gym. Thought I’d give something other than music a whirl at distracting me. Start show, start rowing. It’s quite amusing in parts and I’m aware that my inane grinning may make me look even more of an idiot than normal. I’ve done around 20 minutes when a woman gets on the rower next to me and starts going. Her pace is faster but otherwise I paid little attention. Then the part of the show covers an interview he did with Madonna at some awards show. He warned that there was a lot of bleeping in it. No swearing, just bleeping. At one point in that I started laughing – and the woman on the machine just stopped. She stopped, got off and headed to the other end of the gym – I watched her reflected in the mirror and I lost sight of her as she went behind the equipment. I fully expected one of the staff to come tell me not to laugh at other people. I was actually worried it would happen. And it put me off my stroke too! After I’d done the rowing and some weights I spotted her at the other end on a steps machine – and no staff thankfully. It’s taught me not to take something which could make me laugh though… Daft – me a 41 year old guy worried about being told off 🙂
Still…. 20mins there on the bike, 30 mins rowing (level 4, 31 s/m), 20mins crosstrainer (level 7 , Hill) and 20 back on the bike. Makes up for the chocolate for breakfast 🙂

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