Horizontal hailstones

It was okay when we left the house, it started raining lightly within 100 yards and just before we got to the bridge over the A46 the hail started. Not that bad when you’ve got trees both sides – very bad when you get in the middle of the bridge. Completely exposed and hard hail coming at you horizontally. It stings. Winston really didn’t like it so we turned and started to head back. As I always do I looked left and followed the road around the huge roundabout so I could check for traffic where we cross. Red car, blacked out windows, special hubs came zooming around – and completely lost it. Spun wildly, nearly hit the sides – and it’s 3 wide lanes – and it was rocking madly. Then it stopped. The driver moved it so it pointed the right way and headed off slowly. I was laughing loads and made a point of looking directly at the car the whole time. My money says he went home, changed his clothes and had a shower then went to the pub to boast to his mates about how cool he is.

And right now, for the 4th time today we have thick snowflakes falling.
In April.

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