So why use a weblog client?
I have 3 blogs I post to now and the Post screen is bookmarked for each. One click, type post. Already this has taken 3 clicks – open / trial / new. If I buy the code it will still be another click – to a Web2ist that represents a 100% increase in effort. So why download the 22mg .NET framework just to get this running? Partly because I’d tried a few others this evening and found them wanting:
w.bloggar – threw an error at me. It had before. No easy way to find a solution.
BlogDesk – could be another trial yet..
Performancing – no. Allowing users to unlink links helps. Pressing Return then backspace doesn’t do it for me. Otherwise it looked alright but those little annoyances have me reaching for Uninstall in no time.
Others that were not free or were for sploggers. I know ecto isn’t free but I have heard it’s praises sung a few times (I like the way links are inserted. Most pleasing.) It’s odd having two tabs in the taskbar (I’m weird about that too). The options column on the left …prefer it on the right. But then I sit ever so slightly to the left – I should just move my chair. Or the machine.

So … back to the issue: Why use one? I have no real idea – because others have? But then I don’t “blog from the road” or use a PDA or different machines in different places which is what these where written for I suppose. Actually … I don’t think I can use it. I have a few quicktags which I’d need to be in here and I can’t right now see where I can insert custom tags. Maybe I should look harder.
Still, it’s on trial. 20 days. If it makes it to 5 it’ll be good enough probably.

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