New theme?

I have finally found a theme I really like – one look and it was “Wow – I want that!” I’ve checked about a quarter of the things I want it to do – because it’ll work somewhat differently to this current incarnation – but it’s looking good. About time I made a change as the bones of this go back about 2 years to Root and Gemini. Can’t decide whether to do a parallel install here or use Xampp. If I wasn’t so knackered from the gym – my pectorals still hurt from the other day – I would stand a chance of getting it done tonight..

Update: Screw this. It seems that at least one plugin needs wp2. So I export all what you see inc the db, install that on localhost. That’s this machine – the one I’m touching right now. And it goes sssssssslllllllooooooowwwwwwww. I have suspicions about rewrite rules too. All I want is for a blog to work. Those last 4 letters in that sentence are ….. essential.

Update#2: I’m really tired so my troubleshooting tolerance can be measured in only a few very short things. I will try …..

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