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Today is “Go to work day” for the kids in P’s class. So those that can go to a workplace with a parent do so they can experience a bit of ‘work life’. Those that cannot for whatever reason get to stay in school. Even if J and me still worked in our previous jobs this would be a non-starter because of the nature of the people we looked after. So we gave P a choice: go school or stay at home. No points for guessing the choice.
But she needs to do something and J suggested that she see what I do. Cool – I can do that. I then launched into ‘Housework – a lesson’ and explained what needed doing, why, that it was a vital job that is much undervalued. I added that for me I also look after J which varies so what I actually do – if I were to be paid – is worth a whole heap of money. I tried to explain that just because someone goes out of a house to somewhere else and earns money doesn’t make what they do more important than what I do. It’s different (and in some cases other jobs are more important but you know what I mean) but it’s no less a job. (Even though it’s seen as much by everyone “Hey Mark, when you going to get a proper job then?”). So, having whetted her appetite for this important job, I proposed we get started. One good rolling of the eyes and a slumping at the table suggested I’d lost the argument.

J said why not see what I do on this machine so much. Okay – I can do that too. I explained about what I do for WordPress and why, I explained about FreshlyPressed and the differences between them and I talked about other stuff I do and that most of it is US-based so when she wonders why I’m still doing stuff at night she knows why. I think she sort of got all this. So then we came to Blogs. I tried to explain what blogs were and what wordpress.com was – “Is it like Myspace?” she says. “No” I replied, it’s better”” – and we talked about getting a blog. She’s not quite sold on this domain business (Cpanel at 12 years old? Not for her) so I mentioned wordpress.com again and explained about that in some more detail. So off we go…. the name she wants is available (no surprise given the name she chose), pw sent to my email and she logs in. She clicks around, changes a couple of things, gets a girly theme and then goes to edit the default post. She pauses …. and wonders what to write. So I talk about different reasons for blogging etc, the fact some people talk techy, some do recipes, some do work or other work stuff and some write anything at all (I used the word ‘garbage’ for here 🙂 ). She gets the idea. Minute or so later she still hasn’t typed so I ask why – she replies “WordPress is for grownups”. (Need some colourful icons there Matt! – get’em when they are young). I thought this was amusing and no amount of explanation could remove this thought. Maybe it’s the formality of the layout.. whatever, she didn’t feel up to scaling the adult heights just yet. (Now if she’d seen some of the blogs there she’d not have that worry. I can’t wait for people to add – if they can – words like ‘l33t’, ‘hax0r’ and ‘t3h r0xx0r’ to inline spelling).
So off we go to myspace to illustrate the difference. Isn’t that place just so damn ugly? But hey, it’s sort of blogging. (And she’s now fully adblocked on firefox too). We lied to get a blog there just in case of age restrictions but we cannot have been the first. But…. she wrote less on myspace than she did wp.com. In fact she spent less time there too. Good stuff.

She decided that as a first day working a half day is enough and I’m not entirely sure she sees the point behind blogging (there is one?) or looking after domains (though she was very impressed when I told her all the countries where I’d installed WP for people. Hawaii got the biggest ‘Cool’.) but if she sees a little bit more of what I do, then that’s a result 🙂

7 thoughts on “WordPress – “It’s for grownups”

  1. It might would be a neat idea (or a horrible one) to have a wordpress.com community type thing similar to myspace for the kids. The whole thrill of myspace, in my opinion, is being able to connect to each other, leave silly messages “Did you get the puke out of your shoes” on each other’s site.

    New project for ya Mark? 🙂

  2. Interesting idea that “WordPress is for grownups” … that hadn’t occurred to me as a selling point before. I wonder if WordPress could be made more child-friendly … but I think with WordPress.com addys available these days, that isn’t really necessary.

    By the way, I had kind of forgotten about Freshley Pressed. I followed the link. I like what you’re doing with the site. One of these days … 🙂

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