US Justice…..

There’s a trial going on to determine what to do with one of the 11 Sept supposed hijackers to be. In a move earlier, they decided that Moussaoui could be executed for his crimes. Well what a surprise! Like the US powers were going to decide anything less? Wouldn’t do the Administration one damn bit of good for the guy to be anything but shot / hung / electrocuted would it? And so the trial goes on. And now they are showing footage of the event. they are showing people dying, they have an ex-mayor talking about how bad it was. Hey jurors – had you all forgotten? Attention spans and memories of goldfish? How in hell’s name can this be called anything but a show trial? Saddam is having an easier time of it! Why does showing a plane crashing into the WTC help the case against Moussaoui? It’s not like he’s denying it happened is it? “Hey .. there were no planes” “Yes there was ! Watch this and this and this and this and this and from another angle let’s see it all again”. How can the defence allow this to go on? Answer because they don’t give a flying one and are being paid to play the dummy. Can people not see through this? And if people can then why can’t your supposedly intelligent people in the Supreme Court or whatever it is that passes for legal oversight? Why can’t anyone see that even if he didn’t stand a chance of being found innocent that at the very very least he deserved a fair trial? he’s sure as hell not getting one is he? I completely fail to see how images of any sort whatsoever are relevant to the case. He wasn’t there!
Seriously, read that BBC page and find even ONE line that says what he did. It’s known that the intelligence agencies screwed up. It’s known that Bush let certain foreigners leave the country in the immediate aftermath. It’s known that Bush probably hasn’t spoken the truth since he came into office but this Moussaoui guy is just the guy to be killed to show that the USA means business. Well hip-tee-f*cking-do isn’t that clever…….

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