Undeletable files – solutions

Shifting some music around the other day, a folder got corrupted. The music inside disappeared (one album of game music I can re-rip) and the folder name truncated ending in a . Trying to delete or rename the file got nowhere and I got a “cannot delete file: cannot read from file” system message. Overnight I ran a defrag as that has helped before – no joy. So I tried a number of solutions:

  • Using the command prompt to delete the file. Did not work for me.
  • As above but using the /x listing to see a different system filename. Did not work.
  • Using Unlocker. I’ve had success in different circumstances before but this time, no.
  • Next to was the turn of MoveOnBoot which you assign to do things to files before Windows gets fully going. Again I’ve have had success with stubborn files using this before but again this failed in this case.
  • I’d about given up when a search turned up Deletefxpfiles. Job done! Highlight file, click delete. It was that easy 🙂 (And it’s free for 5 deletions)

The deleted folder was 0 bytes so I hardly needed the space but it was just annoying. Especially because it wasn’t my fault. So, if you get the “cannot delete file: cannot read from file” with the red cross in a box, one of the above should hit the spot for you.

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