Back to the gym

I’ve gained around 7kg since I last went. Not that there is a problem with my weight – I should weigh more if anything but the distribution could be improved. But that’s at the bottom of the list if indeed it is on it. The rowing machine is still there! Yay! And it’s got a funky new control monitor thing that I couldn’t entirely figure out so I couldn’t set the resistance. I did just over 1000m then stopped – first day, don’t overdo it. My having no music didn’t help – I forgot the volume control on the earphone lead. Anyway, dropped a couple of kg on the weight and did half what I would have done before. The shaking told me I had done enough … but it was fun, I really enjoyed it so I’ll be back tomorrow/Friday before my official weigh-in and suchlike on Saturday. (The part today was very pleasant indeed. Oh yes. The woman who took all the info ….. .. about 5’11, blonde streaks, great eyes and perfect weight distribution.) When D reads that last sentence she’ll have a pop at me 🙂

Comment I got the other day: “That’s a nice tattoo. How do they do that then?”. I didn’t explain….

3 thoughts on “Back to the gym

  1. I’ve been running about five miles a day. Not since I was in my twenties, which was about 26 years ago, have I done that.

    I’ve also put on muscle doing some upper body work, because I know that running, as was true for my in my twenties, just tore down my upper body strength something ferocious.

    Then I got another nice tattoo on my left arm.

    I’m getting older.
    But I don’t think too much about age.

    Life can be so fun some days.

    Hope you’re well, Mark.
    Thanks for all you do and are and continue to be, d0oD.

    Father Luke


    Mark isn’t in your spell check. Or has everyone already said so?

  2. Not back – visiting, Mark. For the time being. I will be back, it will just be quite some time.

    Running is boring. So dreadfully so. To beat it I take off my glasses and try and guess what the closed captioning is saying. My mind is then on something else beside the step, step, step. I gues there is a reason for all the Military cadences.

    I left my blog with plenty to write

    Okay for now,
    Father Luke

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