D is having an interview at a college today. I’m going with her.

“Are you ready then?”
“Got everything?”
“Okay to walk back with me down New Walk in the City? It’s a really nice walk – you’ll enjoy it”
Eerrrr… What about the car?
“It’s a nice day, there’s no rush, it’s a walk you’ll need to use daily so why not today?”
These shoes go with what I’m wearing, nothing else does so I can’t change. I can’t take other shoes with me into an interview.
“I’ll look after the other shoes. Why do we need some more shoes? Those look okay – it’s not raining.”
Because these are a size too small and they look good with what I’m wearing but I can’t walk anywhere in them. And I don’t want you outside holding some other shoes.
” …. ”

My daughter – she’s cool and she’s damn well staying that way 🙂

She got offered a place 🙂

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