Find crap even faster

BT have bumped up the exchange speed which is now around 4* what it was a couple of months ago. I could even get used to watching Question Time online. Bar Channel 4 News it’s about all I stop to watch. Not quite sure what I’ll do with all this faster stuff (which is £5 / month less than I was on) but at least the girls will have to work harder to slow things down of an evening.

And I’m going back to the gym. J has done the sums and says the cost is okay every month and I need to get a wee bit fitter. Walking the beast twice a day might tire the legs a touch and doing the housework might burn off a few beans but it doesn’t do much else. So I’ve looked at the Zen to organise some music and lots of tracks appear to have track number 0. My fault for when I put them on so tonight I’m tagging and playlisting. At least I can listen to music while rowing again – I just checked and when I left the gym last time I’d done 124000m with the average duration being 5000 and the longest 10000. Wonder how many I can do tomorrow before I fall gently to the side…

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