F1 amusement

From the Planet F1 Race report

Scott Speed, Toro Rosso, 10th
Scott Speed is making new friends in F1 as quickly as Condeleeza Rice on a Tehran walkabout. It’s not a great idea to pick a fight with F1’s second most senior pro; David Coulthard, and there will be “afters” you can be sure of that. Red Bull should be putting the fun back into F1 not money in the swearbox. We can’t even remember the last GP driver who was fined $5000 for abusive language.

Even Fisi wasn’t fined for his “my car is f***ing ***t” outburst, so Spped’s languages must have involved mothers.

Though not as funny as what looks like an Ali G inspired thread over in the forums. This one really did make me ROFLMAO. (It might be genuine but I very much doubt it).

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