Half past 5

Definitely lost all my email. At the end of last year I archived it all to a CD – and didn’t verify the burn – oops. But as I was only seeing how I felt about archiving (because hey, in 2009 I might just need that email from 12 October 2005!) I couldn’t raise much emotion about it. So the stuff I’ve lost … no biggie. I got the one off that I wanted before the reinstall so that’s okay.
Part of me is saying to create an image of what I have now which is all setup – and part of says “Hey, that’ll take all the FUN away”.

Life is pretty good though all things considered – though I’m keeping an ear out for lawnmowers as then I’ll start doing the back. Luckily there’s no front grass – just a hedge – but the back will take some. But until the sound is high on a Sunday then J won’t give me that look. She’s not too bad which is great and the girls are good too.

I have this desire to actually use a theme here … I’m hoping it will pass.

And even though I’m on an upswing things are looking good. Not fantastic, not life-changingly wonderful, just good. 🙂

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