Another Drive Error

Diamondmax 10, model 6b1OPO, 160GB.
All was good. Copied about 70meg of music to it. Windows reports a corrupted image and says to run chkdsk. I check the file and yup, it’s not right. I go to run chkdsk and it says it needs to do so at reboot. Odd considering it’s a second drive, but okay. I reboot. The reboot is as fast as normal, no confirmations of anything running – and my drive has disappeared. Check all the processes and nothing is active that would not normally be. The drive is still connected and is switched on. Reboot – and now I have a new ‘USB to IDE’ device. It goes through a “Found New Hardware” routine – but it fails to find the driver. The Device Manager has a ‘Other Devices’ ‘USB to IDE’ with yellow ? over them. The Maxtor site has nothing it seems, Microsoft Update has nothing, I’ve rolled back the registry to yesterday just in case, I’ve changed USB sockets, I’ve checked the drive is good on another machine which it is – and although I’ve got to keep looking and have yet to sort it – because I don’t understand how it broke – I thought that maybe someone knew something 😉

Update: Backing up the drive and looking for info about ‘ATI PCI IDE Bus Master Controller’. Debating yet another reinstall …….

Update#2: Other machine just took around 40GB of data off, checkdisk run from Tools menu which took ages – no errors. The drive and cable are good. It’s now plugged into this …. and this machine doesn’t know what to do. Something somewhere broke.

Update#3: Reinstall…. see you on the default blue side 😉

Update#4: A couple of weeks ago I had a mouse problem I couldn’t track down. Spent ages trying and in the end reinstalled XP. I then discovered it was a USB port problem ….. …. ……. if in the morning I wake to find a meteor has crashed through the roof and punched a hole through this machine I shall just nod, content in the knowledge that wiggling the USB cable will sort it all. It always will.

And I lost (forgot to check properly) all my email since the last install. But seeing as if they had been real letters you had hand-written and mailed I would have thrown them in the bin by now so a few emails not being around won’t hurt eh?

And the mouse speed is wrong.

2 thoughts on “Another Drive Error

  1. Thanks Bryan – bookmarked 🙂

    I think it’s this machine though. The other machine has moved all the files off with no problem. A quick chkdsk found no errors so I’m doing a slower one.
    But the fact it works shows the drive and cable are good.
    So what suddenly went wrong on mine is very odd…

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