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I’m not particularly sleepy – something made me 🙂 open my eyes 🙂 a couple of hours ago – and following a question in an irc channel I hopped to a site that does podcasts – it’s high in the Podcast Alley charts – called DoctorTrey. It seems amusing enough when I actually listen to what they say but I’m totally zoned into the background loops they have going. They are really cool. To me. At 2am. (You know those tunes that you can listen to but the day after you can’t quite get it right in your head? So you have to listen to it again? That’ll be me then).

And I’m still grinning from earlier 😀


Update: This is the first podcast I have listened to fully – others have always bored me before I got to the end. After writing the above I did start to listen to the words – good! And the best bit? They finished the show with the same background loop. And if I ping the Episode 23 post they might see it and tell me what it is. Maybe. And I’m subbed to the cast too.

3 thoughts on “Background Sound

  1. Thank you for talking about our podcast. I’m trying to understand the question you are asking and I think you are asking what the backgroud loop is. Am I correct? If this is so, I should tell you that the background loops are all created by me. I really wanted to try something different, now I know there are some out there who don’t really care for it, but for me it’s kinda fun, kinda funky and kinda groovy. Thanks for listening!

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