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If I were still a nurse there would be a fair few feeds I could read to do with what I did. And they’d be interesting and necessary at times – esp with the recent Mental Health Act situation. But with not working in the traditional sense (yet also not counting in any figures) there is no single focus. Despite any impression I may otherwise give I read a lot of news (and from around the globe too) and only have ~30 blogs in among around 170 normal feeds. But they get very repetitive – if CNN have it and the BBC has it then everyone does. The feeds of the Press overlap with the only amusement being the spin that the Telegraph/Times and the Guardian put on precisely the same event. So there is no single thread or topic I can home in on. Neither me or J follow anything to do with MS – if something good is to happen it will without us watching something and if it doesn’t … it will have been time wasted – and bipolar info is garbage so from our ‘life’ as such there isn’t something I can grab. So I’m looking for feeds. That post below I said I’d got 207 feeds? Above it said 170? It’s now 102. Not enough. Need more.

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