Scuttle up

Scuttle is now at 0.7.1 – a fact I discovered after adding a link to my own install and discovering some wonderful new links had been added by some spamming b*stards. Not the fault of Scuttle – far from it – I had foolishly left the register.php file in the directory. phpmyadmin showed I’d gained 4 friends keen to share their own web discoveries with me but alas their logins will no longer be working….. the config file hasn’t changed by more than one line so it’s an easy enough upgrade.

5 thoughts on “Scuttle up

  1. thanks Mark, i checked my scuttle install at and found about 6 spam users. oddly enough, no links were ever posted, they just registered. they were deleted. i don’t want to take down register.php because i want people to register if they want to.

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