Shifting focus

It’s odd how the dynamic of the house – and of me – changes when J gets a relapse. Oh well.
Guy who lived on the same street as us 3 houses ago died today apparently. He was in his 40’s. People coming into the local shop are expressing dismay at his passing – they seem to be forgetting that he was rarely seen sober and was on over a bottle of spirits a day. Or maybe they all know but are doing the “don’t speak ill of the dead” thing. Weird.
I need to buy a mobile. Oh yes – Orange. Damn idiots. J leaves her phone on the table. Is not expecting anything. I’m not about. Phone starts bleeping because texts are coming through. J is worried it might be one of the girls so she struggles – with a very high risk of falling (she has done a few times, it’s only time before she breaks a bone) – to the phone only to find it is Orange sending her repeat texts about some stupid offer. Bloody idiots. They might not know but since when did she either opt-in or be given an opt-out for the frigging things? Orange. Tossers.

I am also fairly sure that the Prince who rescued the Princess who slept for 100 years (or whoever it was) wore socks. Took the beast for a walk today and we went on a new – to him – route. Along this certain path there was a choice: stay going ahead or turn right and across fields. We went right. Around 75 minutes, several fields, lots of mud and no shortcuts later we come out on the original path but about a half mile higher up. this was intended and is the route home. We start walking down. On the left is thick hedge with a fence on the otherside of it. On the right is wire-fencing then a steep drop to the A46. It’s a narrow path. Just as we get close to the original choice of paths we hit a problem. For at least 20 feet brambles on the right have decided to go over the path. I can turn back and walk the whole way back, or I can battle through. Winston has delegated this task in it’s entirety. So I whip out my trusty Leatherman-wannabe and battle through. It took quite some time! Calves had some stings but because I wasn’t wearing socks my ankles took a beating. There’s a lot of blood on the inside of my boots that wasn’t there this morning.

Screws! I remembered screws…. hang on.

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