Four Screws

Ages ago I said screws were to be held in greater esteem that I think we do.
In our kitchen there are cupboards on the wall. Nothing strange there. In those cupboards we have glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, more plates, more pots, some wine, a hidden stash of chocolate and a couple of them with lots of foodstuffs in. 4 cupboards. Each cupboard held up with only 4 screws.
4 little bits of metal are holding not just the cupboard but everything I put in it up in the air against a wall. Now I know that seems so very “Yeah… ??” but this stuff is heavy and we aren’t talking coachbolts or industrial type screws – they are just the regular screws that I can buy 8 for 72p at the local hardware. 4 screws are holding a cupboard which is also holding a 6 person dinner set inside it. Don’t you find that amazing? I was putting the pots away earlier and just as I finished stacking it all back I saw one of the screws. Now I know there are only 4, and I know what’s in that cupboard. And I know that if I had fitted the cupboard it would have had bolts, screws and probably legs given what is put in it. I wonder what the ‘strength-test’ is? Some consumer programs do those ‘carrier bag’ tests with tins of baked beans – maybe they use the same – someone must test these things surely.
Screws. Useful.

[Now I know someone might feel the need to comment and supply lots of details about loads, forces, shearing, glue, gravity, static whatever blah blah but there are some things that for some of us always have that little air of “wow”. This for me is such a thing. It’s not a biggie, I know it can be explained and I know it probably makes not the tiniest bit of sense to you. Humour me 🙂 ]

One thought on “Four Screws

  1. I am always completely amazed when I see anyone build anything. Stairs, banjo, sidewalk, electronic thingies, doesn’t matter. Something physical that wasn’t there before, that fits together and works, sends me into intense wonder every time. Most of my strengths are more abstract: real stuff is always like magic for me.

    Yep, it’s rifle through Mark’s archives day. 🙂

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