Dr Chai Patel – one dimensional

One of Labour’s 12 secret lenders today insisted there was no “explicit or implicit” deal to reward him with a peerage …. however he wanted “to serve” in the upper chamber.

Stop trying to make it look like you were being so altruistic.

Dr Patel said he was upset by the suggestion of a link between loans and peerages and that people had ignored his record of public service.

Which record would this be then?

A politician is a serious responsibility. I believe I could have made a difference.

You want power. That’s all. You wanted to swan around your empire – an empire built using taxpayer’s cash – and move through society with the tag ‘Lord’ attached to you. And unelected people in charge of any aspects of the nation’s politics are also serious issues. I believe you are trying to dig yourself out of your grubby little hole too.

I have been dragged down into a two-dimensional person where I’ve somehow got money and I want to buy myself a bauble. That doesn’t seem like a fair way to be treated.

Oh FFS – go get your toys and get some bloody therapy will you? I can picture you pouting from here.

Dr Chai Patel. Greasy.
(src: Guardian)

4 thoughts on “Dr Chai Patel – one dimensional

  1. “unelected people in charge of any aspects of the nation’s politics are also serious issues.”

    True, but equally they are very important as a balancing force. Judges for example – look what happens in the US (where main judges are elected), you don’t get law you get popularist opinion.

    So… while there are risks of corruption and such, there is also a good reason to have that sort of system.

  2. Sorry – as usual I left something out.
    I do believe that we need the counterbalance but that such a weight comes from consistent behaviour over a period of time that would be recognised by more people than a Treasurer (once he had been told that is).

    “unelected people in charge of any aspects of the nation’s politics who got there by paying their way in so they can go to all the right cocktail parties are also serious issues.”

  3. Oh well yes. No argument or counter example there! 😉

    Thankfully that didn’t happen, and there’s nothing to indicate it ever did (other than, well.. you know, classic “lord” status being “very fucking rich and friends with the right people), but it does leave a sour taste in the mouth doesn’t it?

  4. You would have to be pretty thick not to be able to predict the consequences of making donations, which soon after, resulted in a peerage. It only goes to show that there is an utter arrogance and a ‘safety in numbers’ attitude from all who have joined the ‘club’, in the promise that the fuss will die down after the media has been sufficiently neutralised. It’s bad enough that this government thinks it can treat society as if we are all a load of idiots …. paying in more as they deliver less. We are suppose to feel grateful for being able to vote every four years, yet our voting system is such that we can’t vote for who we want, we have to vote strategically. They obviously have no fear of the media and all that they can expose. When are we going to wake up to the fact that no-one has been able to hold this government to account? What good is a royal family when they stand back and reject all they stood for 50 years ago? Their silence is worrying. When I apply for a job, I need to make sure I am adequately qualified and experienced for the job. I need to prove that I can deliver what I have promised. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have done none of this. Everything we own has been borrowed from the bank. We pay more tax, even when our local schools and colleges are applying for grants from EU and the Lottery!!! We are paying twice, and getting less than we did before. The only ones profiting from this are the banks, pharmaceutical companies and the arms trade. Now take a good look at those peerages, and look at their connections!!!

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