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One can only hope that the lying, cheating and greedy Catherine Orridge, Sean Castle, Robert Trossel and others equally of such low moral and ethical standards are caught out in the defrauding of people who really will clutch at even the most imaginary of straws. This nasty deceiving of people is worthy of the deepest contempt. It’s a con from start to finish and they all know it.

Stem cells, multiple sclerosis and thieves.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I must say that your remarks are quite worrying considering you seem very pissed off towards this company because of an article you read in the guardian. Not the most trustworthy of papers and the article does not seem to prove anything…

    I did a little research and found that this robert trossel fella is no longer associated with the company and has not been for a long time.

    All in all, if you search the BBC you will find this company is actually doing a lot of good for a lot of people around the world with debilitating diseases.

    I guess this is a blog and you are welcome to express your opinion, but it is one thing to shout your mouth off and it is another to educate oneself. Don’t listen to the useless hacks who write for newspapers in order to make a sale



  2. Hey Mark,

    I read the article linked from this page and just could not believe how nothing in the article was substabtiated. It all just seemed really one-sided.

    I guess i also don’t trust the press, never have never will!

    My interests include football, programming, surfing and discussion boards 😛

  3. Mike – you are adding nothing to the post I made. You are simply making noise. I could go to a thousand posts and make similar vague ramblings about anything they have quoted from the news.
    Don’t believe the news? At all? Bollocks.

    Now – either make a point so we have something to actually discuss and properly declare your interests and give a url, or go away.

  4. Okay Mark,

    I am not “simply making noise” as you so eloquently put it. Nay sir, you were making the noise with an ignorant and uneducated post. I was merely adding some objectivity. And if you must know, i was treated by these people and the results have been brilliant. I am not going into detail. Someone of your mental capacity does not deserve it.

    Your post was attacking a decent company, because of something you read in passing. Take off your news tinted goggles and see the world for what it is.


  5. And there are people who swear that British justice is the best in the world and those that feel the complete opposite.
    So what if you’ve been treated by them? What does that make you – their internet fan-boy? And you were NOT adding objectivity. If you were you would have quoted sources, made points that could be backed up, done something other than “all newspapers lie” which is what you effectively said. And that means you are attacking a ‘decent company’ or two – so it’s okay for you to do that then?

    The simple fact is that no matter how you look at it that company and those people are fucking around with people who have bodies that just do not work but who will grasp at any solution. That company are out to strip people with MS of their money. That company don’t give a flying one about anything other than their bank balance. That company are LYING and they know it. Don’t like that? Sue me.

  6. “That company are LYING and they know it.”

    – if they are lying why did it work for me and her:

    – if they are lying, may you please point me towards another source besides the ever dodgy guardian

    – if they are lying, then could you please explain to me why they are linked to from MSRC and why the MSRC is so interested in this stem cell therapy? See their newsletter:

    - gives a mention too

    Now i fully agree that this company is out to make profit, but hey, this is a capitalist market like any other. But you must understand why it costs so much. The FDA take it upon themselves to police the pharmaceutical world, stem cells are in short supply! Simple isn’t it. If the USA and Britain would follow the recent European directive to make therapy legal, it would be a lot cheaper and could also be governmentally regulated. But because there is such science involved here, the jesus freaks in the white house will never let this happen. I feel it was good money spent

    Anyway, please point me to any material that backup both your statements and if you are so interested in the guardian article, can you please quote me one instance in that article where they provide proof to their attack on the the company.

    I eagerly await your reply

  7. I am a person who’s eye was caught by Advanced cell Therapeutics recently…but have since dicovered from my own sources (not the guardian!) that they are fraudualent. If you look on the Medical Advisory Board of the company’s website you will see a number of doctors listed…one such doctor is Dr Duncan Karmichael he is stated as being registered in the UK and also being a member of the distinguished Royal College of General Practitioners indicated by the acronym MRCGP(UK). I contacted the college in the Uk and they have never heard ofthe guy! In addition I contacted the General Medical Council in Britain ..with which any doctor who is registered in the UK will be registered with and they have not heard of him either! ie not even licenced! another doctor listed on the company’s board ..Dr salem Akel is stated as being a member of the American Society of naturally i contacted the Society and they replied back promptly saying he is not a member! If thats not enough to blacken the company’s name I also investigted another doctor who is listed on the board…Dr E.K. Scandal. Now this guy has a Phd from Hungary and runs a company called American Metabolics in the United States. I managed to get in contact with this guy and asked if he knew of being on this company’s medical advisory board..he replied back saying he knew nothing of it! This company is a complete fraud preying on the hopes of those with money ..or those who save for it! The Swiss have a long history of ripping ppl off and anything originating from there should be approached with caution..adios!

  8. I thought i better add my two cents in here..
    i used to work for the company ACT until October 2005 when i decided to live in South Africa. i can honestly say that the people at ACT are the most kind hearted group i have ever known. they care so much for their clients, believing that a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking are the fundamental approach to this treatment.
    yes.. like all busness’s they are interested in the financial aspect, but this is because they so strongly believe in their stem cell treatment and are hoping to find the best possible treatment for their clients.
    stem cell therapy is such a new treatment and ACT pour so much money into research, testing how patients who have looked after their diets fair over those that choose not to etc..

    i applaud them for their efforts, i have cried with joy with them when clients conditions have improved after treatments, and said a prayer and shed a tear for those who dont notice a change.

    Sean Castle is so passionate about refining this treatment approach, Dr Orridge has a motherly nature over everyone in the company and this is the same nurturing and compassionate style she shares with her patients. i commend you all and wish you the strength to ignore these ruthless accusations about your integrity, you will prove it to the world one day.


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    09:00 – 12 April 2006
    A Multiple sclerosis sufferer is enjoying his first pain-free days in 12 years after receiving revolutionary stem-cell treatment in an Irish surgery now at the centre of an investigation.

    Mark Westwell, 45, from Skye, was operated on at a GP surgery near Cork after islanders raised £12,500 for the treatment.

    But the Swiss biotechnology company behind the treatment is now being investigated by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) over allegations that it had no licence to carry out the procedure.

    The treatment – which involves transferring cells from organisms in healthy parts of the body to replace or repair unhealthy cells – is not licensed in Ireland or the UK because both governments say not enough is known about the possible long-term effects.

    Mr Westwell’s operation was due to take place next month in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but was brought forward to be carried out at the surgery in Ireland.

    He said yesterday: “I am pain-free, which feels absolutely amazing. I have not felt like that since 1994.

    “I was going through a relapse before I left for Ireland. I keep slurring my words and had trouble getting in and out of my wheelchair.”

    A spokesman for the Irish government confirmed last night that the surgery was being investigated by the IMB and that no Irish surgeries were licensed to perform the operations.

    However, Mrs Westwell’s wife, Carole, 42, who looks after her husband at their home at Kilmaluag, Balmaqueen, said all that mattered to them was that Mr Westwell was no longer having to endure the excruciating pain he suffered until just a few days ago.

    She said: “Over breakfast the next day he was very emotional and could not speak to me, except to get out the words, ‘No pain’. All the pain has gone.

    “The fact he can have even just one morning without pain has made the treatment worth every penny because it had been so excruciating.”

    Mrs Westwell said she believed patients had been transferred from Rotterdam to Ireland because of the huge demand for treatment at the Dutch clinic.

    She said: “This treatment has given real hope to Mark and we want it to be made available in the UK.

    “We have spoken to people who had been left with no hope from traditional medicine and this has worked for them. It is not about miracle cures. It is about finding relief from symptoms.”

    A spokesman for the Irish government’s Department of Health and Children said: “Treatments based on stem-cell research are at a very early and experimental stage and have not yet been licensed for use in Ireland.

    “Under the current legislation on medicinal products, all medicinal products must first be licensed by the Irish Medicines Board before they can be imported, placed on the market or otherwise sold here in Ireland. Before granting any such licence the board must first be satisfied as to the safety, quality and efficacy of the product in question.”

    He added: “The media has covered the story of a GP practice administering a stem-cell derived product, imported from Switzerland, to patients with multiple sclerosis.

    “The Irish Medicines Board are investigating the reports.”

    Demand for treatment provided by Swiss biotechnology firm Advanced Stem Cell Therapeutics, soared after the Press and Journal revealed Inverness MS sufferer Amanda Bryson 20, of Birchwood Brae, Smithton, was able to walk for the first time in years following the therapy in Rotterdam.

    She said yesterday: “Fair play to the doctor in Ireland for going ahead with the treatment to help people, because I know from first-hand experience this helps.”

    well i guess this treatment is a joke!

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