WP 1.5.3

It’s still got the beta-1 in the version but apparently it’s not going to be doing much more, if anything. The download link in the sidebar will now get you just the changed files from 1.5.2. There are 13 files in the download and ordinarily you wouldn’t have changed them. Change the old for the new ones. (backup first of course).

Note: As of now, 1.5.x is not under development. You are still encouraged to upgrade to version 2.x but for now only 1.5.3 and 2.0.2 can be considered secure – so if you haven’t got one of those, upgrade!

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4 thoughts on “WP 1.5.3

  1. 2.0.2 is stable and works well – it is also being actively developed so it is certainly a path to think about. But…. upgrading at a later date is also just fine if 1.5.2 still rocks your world (as it does mine 🙂 )
    Grab the zip above.
    Using your ftp client replace the files on the server that are in the zip. So just change the 4 files in /wp-admin and no others there, then move to /wp-includes and the root files.
    There’s no reason to run upgrade, change themes or do anything else – just change those 14 files and all will be good.

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