XP reinstalled and just about tweaked to my wants. (Only 38 updates were needed!)
Two news quotes:

“Animal Crossing is typical of the new generation of games. There is no point, no purpose and no competition.”
(src: Daily Telegraph)

There’s a problem with this ? 🙂

The leader of Sinn Fein / IRA and a convicted criminal is stopped in the US. Says a congressman … “Gerry Adams should not have been on a terror watch list”.
(src : BBC)

Come on FFS, they wouldn’t even let the plane carrying Cat Stevens GET to America so the wannabe mates of Mr Adams can stfu.

And in other news …. the MS has taken what looks like a sinister turn. I need to find when J last had the steroids but even so this new change is potentially very bad indeed. Here’s hoping that it’s transient.

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