Good day, bad day.
Good – domesticity attended to in full order. Mouse is okay.

Bad – MS takes what seems to be another chunk away. My hand is bad. Need to find psu for usb port. (Weird …. a psu is on the same ‘bad’ line as MS…oh well, it’s all relative) and I’m almost certain I’ve broken XP again so a reinstall over the next two days is a certainly. Not that it bothers me – I like the XP intro 🙂

Amusing thread on a newsgroup – someone asked about registry cleaning and an MVP is saying that it’s something NEVER TO BE TOUCHED and to do so will mean a FULL REINSTALL. Idiot. (And I’ve broken mine without screwing the registry!)

I am really really tired.

Lord of War – as Jayne said it’s very very good and gives much cause to think.

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