The catatonic Mouse pt2

Before I reinstall XP, what have I missed or could try?

Was mouse jumping to corners very very occasionally, progressed in the past few days to stop / start / jump on screen and now just stops.
Entirely random both in time interval and movement at time of freeze
Filemon shows nothing happening at the moment control goes.
Windows sees the mouse but it does not work – removing it from the usb port gives the right ‘disconnect’ noise and reconnecting gives the right noise, the balloon pops up from the tray and it works.
4 ports tried and a hub. Same effect in each.
System is clean.
Registry is clean.
New mouse.
Wireless or corded has the same effect.
Googling shows thousands of such posts in Windows and Linux going back years but no definitive answer.

I sense a reinstall looming……..

9 thoughts on “The catatonic Mouse pt2

  1. Does any other usb device act funky? If it’s just the mouse, and you’ve uninstalled the diver and reinstalled doesn’t seem like it’s corrupt. A conflict with it, and something new you’ve installed, doesn’t necessarily have to be hardware, could be software? Since I installed Adobe CS my graphics pen has been acting up, it’s hit and miss whether it works or not. I went back to PS 7 and all is well.

  2. Found a new program which helps save time when reinstalling Windows. and download the program via a torrent.

    The current version is an update, so you download the full version from December, then the February update. From reading the forums it says March (when ever it comes out) will be a full update.

    The program has all of the windows updates, plus some registry tweaks and other programs. You can (thankfully) switch off certain installs and registry tweaks so that only the patches are installed.

    So, you install the main program then let it do it’s thing.

    Probably loads of things you don’t need with the full install, but saved some time when doing someone elses computer the other week.

  3. Nice link Terry.

    I’m fairly sure now that it is a USB port issue. I switched things around late last night and have left one port unused – all has been good. No issues. So I’m considering that dead and finding a PSU for the hub which I’ll use to stop me continually plugging in and removing cables.

    And reinstalls don’t bother me – in fact it’s interesting trying to remember just exactly how I do set this machine up what with all the fiddling I do 🙂

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