Dentists. Greedy bastards.

When D. goes to University she will leave – in all probability – with a debt. The Govt would have us believe that because the education she will have will also mean that she earns a higher wage, that she should pay for that higher wage now. Now we all know that this argument is complete bollocks, but let’s play just for now.
Our dentist has sent us a letter stating that from April 1 the practice will be private. No NHS thankyouverymuch. He is doing this because apparently the Govt aren’t giving him enough time to care for his patient’s teeth so he is forced to go private. This dentist – as with most – was trained with public money. Was trained at an expense greater than that of your average degree. Yet he can take all that training and effectively hold the Govt hostage. Dentists are bleating about ‘time’ and ‘care’ and other such crap when what it is really about is cash. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Govt cannot make ‘time’. they cannot increase the number of hours in a week (though hell I bet they wish they could) but they can pay more money. So if the Govt said “Okay, we are tripling the amount you get per NHS patient” they’d soon revert to the NHS again. So regardless of the apparent high values, it’s about cash and it’s about extorting cash from the Govt in return for the skills which the public purse paid for. Nice eh? D. cannot have a higher education unless she pays a whole heap of money she has not yet got. Dentists can do what the f*ck they want even though without the public money they may not even have their damn job. No matter how you dress it up, dentists who go private in this fashion are guilty of extortion and a neglect of care.

2 thoughts on “Dentists. Greedy bastards.

  1. While I agree with every word you say on this topic, I can’t help but feel it is privatisation of the NHS by the back door. The Government know Dentists are in the main greedy. So contracts are set to such a level where the government knows the dentists will take a certain action, namely to with draw from signing new NHS contracts, Bang goes that part of the NHS.

  2. What the government should do is to bring in more dentists from abroad, but only allow them to offer NHS treatment. This will increase the number of people that could get dental treatment on the NHS, so that the greedy dentists in the UK will eventually lose patients. UK dentists have been ripping us off for too long.

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