Shuffle the mouse.

Last night I decided to give the shuffle one more go. Downloaded NINETY MB of apple code (updater, itunes) and did every single step. Twice. It is indeed very very useless. I then check the warranty – knowing it is valid – and in a fit of sanity decide to get a replacement. But I can’t. I don’t have a credit card. No card, no replacement. That was at 2am this morning.
I ring Apple this morning and ended up speaking to a lady in Greece! She tells me no card, no replacement. She suggests going to Nottingham. Bah. I ring the Apple reseller in Leicester. He says to go to another address online and I can send in the broken shuffle first, then get a good one back. I go to that address – and up pops the card information screen again. I email Apple. I wait …..

And coincidence or not, something in the last 24 hours has screwed with my mouse. It’s sometimes jerky / freezing and nothing so far has sorted it (advisory: installing Logitech drivers removes the system path variables. Nice.). I’m not blaming Apple yet but I know my machine and I know what went in….

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