The Claw

Couple of days of much less keyboard activity plus trying this touch typing business did some to reduce the discomfort in my right hand – though playing handheld games, or console games or reading a book also added to the bad feelings so I didn’t have those to fall back on more unfortunately. So just a whole reduction helped. Then last night I got an email from someone I’d helped before. Installing and customising their blog coupled with much IMing to get it done has revisited the pain. Hmmm… Today I take the dog for a walk and just holding the lead (it’s a heavy extending lead) also caused an odd sensation (so I swapped hands to carry it of course). I’m sure I need to pay more attention to my typing technique, get less frustrated at both the reduced speed and increased typos and overall reduce my time tapping away. The frustration is the worst bit. Now if only I was still nursing I could have got some timely physio advice.

5 thoughts on “The Claw

  1. I think that is one of the problems with learning to touch type. I have started to learn through a program distributed with my OU course and while I can touch type, I find it so much faster and easier to peck away, I forget all the good technique I learn.

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